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How to Write a Complaint Letter About an Employee -  Joseph Chris Partners

How to Write a Complaint Letter About an Employee 08/05/2015 / in Workplace Issues / by Joseph Chris

Everyone makes mistakes, even the most meticulous and careful employee. Some errors, however, are too shocking and severe to just let go that you have to file a complaint about it. There are many instances where a complaint letter is written. From an unhappy customer to an employee showing bad behavior while at work, from one colleague to another, from a boss to a subordinate, from an employee to a boss.

Whichever situation that you find yourself in, writing a complaint letter is one way to present a formal case to human resources. It will also serve as evidence, especially if it clearly outlines exactly what happened. Moreover, if there is a letter of proof, the accused would consider the matter seriously, and would have to present his side of the story.

Because a complaint letter will be a permanent mark against an employee, and will be kept in his file as a record, it should be a last resort. That is, you have exhausted all other efforts to correct an employee’s behavior or performance, but to no avail. The only exception is when the situation calls for immediate action, as in the case of the unhappy customer who doesn’t want a similar event to happen to someone else. If the company values their clients, they will do something about the employee or lose more business, especially when word about his behavior would spread far and wide. Most of the time, it is not just one employee who will be talked about but the entire staff, which can do more damage.

Another exception is when you find yourself in a situation that you shouldn’t have to put up with, such as discrimination, whether it’s racial, sexual, medical, religious or age-related. You should also file a complaint when you are being harassed, bullied or unjustly accused. Writing a complaint letter, however, is not something you do rashly or out of spite. There are steps you need to follow to make it formal rather than emotional.

If your situation doesn’t require immediate action, you need to examine whether or not your complaint is valid. Remember that the letter can do damage to someone else, so it has to have basis and backed by facts.

How Do You Write a Complaint Letter About An Employee?

Define What The Problem Really Is Say your complaint is about a lazy employee. Start your letter by describing how his attitude and performance affects you or the rest of the team. Let the management and HR know how his frequent tardiness is creating a hostile atmosphere in your department because you or someone else has to pick up the slack. In the case of bullying or discrimination, point out details from the human resource manual or company policy that outlines how such ifyracyg. moncler outlet online fake a situation is supposed to be handled, or about the anti-bullying policies specified.

State Your Purpose For Writing a Letter Of Complaint As previously mentioned, you should have a valid reason for lodging a complaint, which can be subjective depending on your situation. So state in detail why you feel it is time to make an official complaint. If the situation is affecting your work or causing tension in the office, you should definitely present your case to your manager or HR.

You should also list down possible solutions that you have tried but failed to work or even have the slightest effect on the ‘defendant’. It is important that you have tried to resolve the issue amongst yourselves, such as having an open dialogue to determine the cause of the problem. It might be just a case of misunderstanding. However, if you’re uncomfortable discussing the problem with the other person because his actions were malicious, you can skip trying to find a resolution and write a letter of complaint to HR immediately.

Get Down To Specifics This is the part where you write in detail exactly what happened, complete with dates, time and names of witnesses or other people involved, if there are any. If you never really imagined that you might be writing a letter of complaint someday, you probably never really thought of taking note of the specifics. The lack of details can get a little tricky, but you can always give estimates.

If you were able to take down notes, provide dates for all instances that an employee misbehaved, gave in to his laziness, or bullied you or someone else. Experts suggest that you separate your grievances into bullet points, with each one covering the various aspects of your complaint.

Propose Possible Solutions You may not have the final say as to how the problem will be addressed, but your suggestion might prove to be the best recourse for your situation. So don’t hesitate to explain what you would like the company to do. This will give HR or the management the impression that you put considerable thought into your case and that you care a great deal about its outcome.

Request For a Reply Knowing that HR acknowledged in writing the receipt of your complaint letter, will somehow put your mind at ease. At least the problem is no longer in your hands but in theirs. In addition to your request for a reply, you should also mention that you’re open to a meeting with HR and discussing the problem in more detail, if necessary. Let them know that you expect your complaint to be dealt with confidentiality and discretion and that for any form of remedy to be carried out within the time limit specified in the HR manual. End your letter by thanking your manager, HR or whoever the addressee is.

Bottom Line Writing a complaint letter is not something anyone would look forward to, but it is an occupational hazard that should be dealt with properly. Ideally, the letter of complaint should be addressed to the immediate superior. But, if your manager doesn’t take action or simply dismisses your concerns, you can then take the matter to human resource and give them a copy of your complaint letter.

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moncler black fur hooded jacket men's Complaint Letter Definition and Meaning by rasel  •  July 29, 2013  •  0 Comments

Complaint letter definition can be described in many ways. A complaint letter is the part of written communication. In general word complaint letter means a letter which is written to submit a complaint to the authority. And it is generally done when other way of complaint are failure like phone, email etc. However here we provide complaint letter definition in formal way.

Complaint Letter Definition A Complaint letter is a request for an adjustment. In other words, it is a letter that describes about the damage; errors or mistakes happened to the delivered goods and therefore claims for compensation is known to be a complaint letter.

In modern age, the chain of business is not limited within the boundary of country. As business is expanding, its complexities are also increasing. So, mistake or fault is not a strange matter in the arena of business. There may be wrong delivery of goods shipment of obsolete, poor quality or underweight goods, faulty packing, delivery after the specified date and other damages to the goods shipped. In the above cases, buyer is supposed to suffer financial loss and therefore he has every reason to complaint to the seller demanding compensation. Hence a letter is used to serve such purpose is called complaint letter.

To draft such a letter, buyer must have valid grounds to explain that he has suffered financial loss or otherwise there will be misunderstanding which may damage business relation buyer requires special care with the art of convincing the seller. Clarity and courtesy are the important factors to write a letter of complaint. The complaint should be made politely without showing any sign of anger.

Causes of Drafting Complaint Letter or, Sources of Mistakes giving rise to Complaints The following are usual causes for which a complaint letter is drafted:

1. Problem with the delivered goods : If the goods that are delivered are :

Under weight, Obsolete, Defective, Incomplete, Not according to buyer’s specification such as color, brand, size etc. Wrong or poor quality; then buyer can make a claim to the seller for the mistake. 2.  Pricing : If there is any mistake in preparing the invoice of the shipped goods, then such letter is written.

3. Packing : Faulty or poor packing of the goods causes damage to the goods which can be claimed to the seller.

4. Transport : Goods are supposed to be shipped according to convenience of the buyer. But if wrong carrier is used it may call for writing such letter.

5. Terms & Condition : If the terms and condition of business are violated by the seller then such a letter is placed.

6. Faulty Insurance : If insurance coverage is not made properly according to instruction of the buyer, then there may be claim through complaint letter.

 On the above grounds, buyer can complaint but it must be in a decent and polite way.

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How to Write a Complaint Letter about an Employee

Nobody wants to write a complaint letter about an employee, but it is one of those occupational hazards that one may come across. So be prepared and know how to write a complaint letter about an employee. The complaint letter is, most of the times, a last option one has to resort to. It is never easy to formally write a complaint about a fellow employee or subordinate, worst of all, that person could also happen to be friend, but what has to be has to be done.

Complaint letters are official and have to be carefully worded, because this letter is then kept in the employee file as a record. Since the letter is not a pleasant one, get straight to the point. State the complete name and designation of the employee in question. Also mention who is the immediate head of the person. State the problem clearly. Make sure you have all the facts rights. If you have to mention any incident, know the correct dates and give in detail what had happened. Though, there is no need to get emotional, you can mention your reluctance, but be strong in the letter overall. The letter has to be strongly worded and concise in its matter.

Finally, give a small anecdote of your opinion, but in a subtle manner. You are writing this letter only because everything else has failed to get through to the employee. If there have been any formal complaints about the employee before, mention those complaints in detail along with complaint numbers. Also if the employee behavior can jeopardize the company reputation, then mention it in the letter. But do not make any decisions of your own; leave the final decision upto the Human Resources department, because once this letter is sent it becomes their issue.

These kinds of letters are not a treat to write, but you should know how to write a complaint letter about an employee. Most of the time, this letter is regarding a subordinate, so the sample we are giving you is also about a subordinate, with many kinds of problems. Most companies have a set format for complaint letters against employees, but if not, then you can use this format. Go through it for better understanding.

Neville Jones
Sales Manager

Human Resources, Manager
G.T.A. Technologies, Amnesty Road,
41515, Newark, New York, USA.

Patrick Stewart
Human Resources, Manager

G.T.A. Technologies, Amnesty Road,
41515, Newark, New York, USA.

Dear Mr. Steward,

With lots of reluctance and a heavy heart, I am writing this letter to you as a final resort. This letter is regarding a formal complaint against one of our employees named Jacob Steven. Mr. Steven works in the sales department under my supervision, and has been an employee of the company for the past two years. The complaint against him is that he is lagging far behind in his work regarding sales targets, and it is neither within an acceptable range. For the past six months, he has failed to meet targets and has shown no improvement.

His work ethics seem to be poor as he has paid no heed to the previous letters sent to him. His work continues to be the same. Failure to meet deadlines and not filing in proper reports are just some of the few complaints against him. Another incident I would like to bring to your notice is, of inappropriate behavior with a co-worker. On the 14th of March 2010, Mr. Stevens made a pass at another female employee of the company at the office party. The matter was taken up with me, and I was able sort out the matter by making Mr. Steven apologize to the employee. Such incidents make the company prone to sexual harassment lawsuits.

I have spoken him to him personally also, but his attitude has been dismissive. Though, he has been a loyal employee of the company, such kind of behavior is unacceptable for the high standards our company has set. I suggest that he receive a formal letter from the Human Resources department, regarding his performance at the company. If possible have a personal meeting with him, and please find out if he is suffering from any personal issue. Mr. Steven used to consistently deliver sales targets and he was a good employee, but his performance has drastically fallen in the last six months, and so has his behavior with the other employees.

I would be of the opinion that Mr. Steven should be given one final chance to improve in all accounts, then it is your prerogative whether to continue with his employment or not. I wish your urgent attention in this matter as efforts from my side have gone in vain.

Yours Sincerely,
Neville Jones
Sales Manager

We have provided you with a sample of how to write a complaint letter about an employee. This format is about a subordinate, in case you have to write a letter about a fellow colleague, you can use the same format, but make sure to make all the right changes. This letter cannot be used in the case of a complaint against your superior.